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There’s something special about a Saturday off from work, not only does the alarm clock remain silent and when I awaken, I’m free to doze back off if I want to, but, also, thoughts that have filled my mind all week while sitting at a desk, surrounded by co-workers are permitted to play out for my sexual pleasure.

Like any other hot blooded male, when I see a lovely woman on pornSharing.com porn video that intrigues and excites me, I cannot stop the naughty images that filter through my mind. Such as the new saleswoman that works in my department now. She is stunning! With raven colored long hair, cascading over her shapely shoulders, each strand glistens under the fluorescent lights. Her silk blouses are always a size too small, clinging tightly across her large breasts. With a couple of buttons left unfastened, the lace of her lingerie bra will flash into view. Her waist is slender, her hips curvaceous, showing a rounded ass that I would enjoy squeezing my fingers into for leverage, while penetrating her in doggy style position.

Yes, her image has played through nearly every dream I’ve had all week long, and now, today is mine to let those dreams manifest into a manly erection. With my door locked and curtains closed, the computer is fired up and ready to display sex videos, holding all of the hardcore action that will have me rising with a hard on that will make me proud and satisfied.

Clicking my way into, Porn-sharing porn video, I find a brunette, hot babe, shaped like the vision of my fantasies and just as beautiful. The video shows her arriving home after a long day at work, kicking off her high heels at the front door and shuffling across hardwood floors with her nylon covered feet, I can easily picture the object my affection doing the same thing each evening.

My eyes remained glued to the screen as she walked with such gracefulness towards the bathroom, grabbing a plush, terry-cloth towel and her special body wash, the shower is turned on and then she begins to disrobe. Slowly each button on her dress was popped open and her full, natural breasts spilled out onto the screen. My mouth was watering by this point and I could almost taste her hard nipple sliding over my tongue. When she removed her black, lace panties, she had a deliciously large, round ass. Just like the woman in my office, and, I found myself craving her even more.

Stepping into the shower, the hot water’s steam billowed around her bare body. Using the hand held nozzle she let it pulsate on her tits, and then it slid lower down her arousing anatomy.

By now, my cock was raging hard, my hand was wrapped around it and I was doing my best to keep a slow rhythm to my stroking, I wasn’t ready to cum yet. The jets of her massage and pulsating sex toy was placed between her shapely thighs as she opened her labia to have the streams splash across her clitoris. Backing up the shower wall to brace her weak legs, her eyes closed, her mouth opened and her body trembled from her masturbating excitement.

I could imagine sliding up the front of her wet body, my dick nestling against her shaved vaginal mound as I lifted her leg to penetrate the tightness of her pussy. I wondered if thoughts of an erection such as the one I was jacking off at the moment might be filtering through her mind as well. The louder she moaned while playing with herself, the harder I became. She screamed, a deep, throaty, scream of raw, unedited passion and I knew her creaminess was flowing down the internal walls of her womanly area, and I could almost feel it coating my throbbing shaft.

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